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          上海爱竞信息科技有限公司(以下简称爱竞)成立于2010年1月,因热爱竞价广告而得名,爱竞主营业务是Bing和Google 的广告销售、投放咨询和策划服务。同时也经营服务器销售和域名销售,网站live chat代理销售等。









          爱竞拥有一批资深的广告投放账户经理,管理数百个活跃的Google和Bing 广告账户,爱竞帮助企业不断降低单次广告点击或展示的成本,在此基础上,帮助企业合理扩大投放,帮助企业获取更多利润和快速成长。




    About us

         Shanghai Aijing Information&Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter to be referred as Aijing) was established in January 2010. Aijing is named from loving PPC ads ( Pay per click ads). Aijing’s major area goes to Bing and Google ads sales, advertising consulting business and advertising devise services. Aijing is engaged in many kinds of Internet service, including dedicated servers and dedicated cloud sales, domain sales, website live chat agent sales.

         In the past 5 years, Aijing offered service for around 200 merchants every year on average. Our merchants cover a wide range of industries, main areas are e-commerce industries, B2B export industries and game service merchants. Most of our merchants include the following categories:

         1. Cross-border physical products e-commerce: clothing (women's clothing, wedding dresses, evening wear, men's wear, children's wear, etc.), wigs, outdoor sports, shoes (function, height increasing, beriberi, ice skating, etc.), bags, accessories(jewelry, hats, glasses, etc.), Household items (bedding sets, carpet, curtain, etc.), oil painting, desk lamp, 3C products (electronics, etc.), auto parts, etc.

         2. Cross-border services such as travel, air tickets, hotels, convention and exhibition industry.

         3. Application software and download, APP promotion, etc.

         4. B2B export enterprises, machinery, chemical industry, materials export, etc.

         5. Others

         In the past 5 years, Aijing helped our merchants put ads which totaled more than $100 million advertising. We have accumulated rich experience in consulting and planning advertisements.

         Aijing has a number of senior ads account manager with extensive experience by managing hundreds of active Google and Bing advertising accounts. Aijing helps our merchants continuously reduce the cost of per click or display. Base of this, we help enterprises to extend and obtain more profits and then grow rapidly.

        AiJing—It's not just about auction. We are the pros because we love what we do!

        We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the field of Internet advertising!

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