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All prices for beauty services are indicated taking into account the categories. Category - conditional division of the cost of services according to the length of the hair and the complexity of the service. Category 1 - short hair, category 2 - medium length, category 3 - hair to the shoulders, category 4 - hair to the shoulder blades, the length to the waist is calculated individually, depending on the density.
The cost that you can find in the price list of services is indicated tentatively, so that you can be guided by this price of services. For a more detailed calculation of the cost of the service, you can use the service calculation form with individual parameters.

The topic of coloring will always be relevant for a woman. Well, who does not want to change the image in one visit to the beauty salon , both by changing a little, and by radically changing the style.

Modern beauty technologies allow you to no longer be afraid of the consequences of coloring, toning, highlighting ; dyeing techniques have long evolved so much that hair dyeing has become more of a hair care service than a harm to it. Two factors play a role in hair coloring: the materials for the coloring and the skill of the artist.

Our salon works with beauty brands Professionnel and ... This allows our masters to be 100% confident in the result of dyeing hair of any complexity. You can get acquainted with the masters of the SoCool Beauty beauty salon at the link .
HAIRCUTS: men, women, children
Choosing a men's haircut is a task of one day, but choosing a haircut or hairstyle for a woman is a whole complex process. You can choose a haircut by psychotype, face shape, lifestyle and many other parameters. Internet technologies, today, are so advanced that you can choose a hairstyle and haircut right on your mobile device.

Masters of SoCool Beauty are stylists who have skills not only in professional customer service, but also in the selection of hairstyles and haircuts. And if you just don't know what will suit you, come to the SoCool Beauty beauty salon and the masters will help you solve this problem.
Women's love is multifaceted. A woman likes to rejoice, chocolate, go shopping, go to a beauty salon and do styling. Even a wedding hairstyle or a prom hairstyle is another woman's love. And it makes sense who doesn't want to look their best on their special day. But the desire to be on top in everyday life is inherent in the fairer sex.

The masters of the SoCool Beauty salon will help you make your hair not only healthy, but also beautiful. Styling on curlers, styling on brushes, Steempod styling, wrapping on curls - choose what you like the most and shine!
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